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Business is taking off for drone manufacturer

Resource: http://www.lvb.com/
Date: April 25th, 2016

Fightins Game Experience to Soar with Drone Cam Powered by Weidenhammer

Resource: www.milb.com
Date: March 24th, 2016

Drone Company Slowly Takes Flight

Resource: Reading Eagle
Date: February 12th, 2016

Penn State Berks alumni 'flying high' with customizable drones 

Resource: Penn State News
Date: November 12th, 2015

2015 Business Idea Challenge

Resource: Greater Reading Voice, Commerce Quarterly

Date: Summer 2015

Greater Reading Chamber Honors Idea Challenge Winners 

Resource: The Reading Eagle

Date: May 2nd, 2015

Alumni 'flying high' from awards for drone business start-up

Resource: Penn State News

Date: May 18th, 2015

Why Us?

Onuku Industries sees the demand for high-end drones that help to increase efficiency in a multitude of businesses and industries. We are providing more than a cookie-cutter drone, we provide drones that are custom to each client. Onuku will work with you to ensure that the drone you select will work for your needs, whether it is for fun or to enhance productivity.