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Leaders in sUAV Services

Our Story

Onuku Industries was founded by three engineering graduates from the Pennsylvania State University. The founders were partners in a senior design project where they designed and built a drone. After building their first drone, Onuku Industries was born. All of the founders wanted to continue their new-born specialty not only for the rapidly growing demand in custom UAVs, but also because it was now their passion.

The founders presented their business proposal and ideas in the Penn State Berks version of "Shark Tank" and were presented with the New Student Enterprise Award. They also entered the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce‚Äôs 2015 Business Idea Challenge and won first place in the business competition.

The Onuku Mission

At Onuku Industries, we are committed to building a drone to fit every customer's needs. Whether it is for personal or professional use, we will work with each customer to ensure that everyone is satisfied with their purchase. We thrive on providing high-quality UAVs and services that can be                                                                                      used in a variety of applications. 

Why Onuku?

Onuku Industries sees the demand for high-end drones that help increase efficiency in a multitude of businesses and industries. We provide more than a "cookie-cutter" drone, but rather a lasting aerial investment tailored for each customer's wants and needs. Onuku will ensure that the purchase you select is of the highest quality and applicability for your personal and industrial needs!